Energy Medicine Squared


Energy Medicine Squared. Learn healing techniques that integrate Reiki energy, crystal therapy, chakra purification techniques, and Hemi-Sync and SAM technology. Observe in real time, through “Bio-field imaging” technology, how these practices affect a person’s bioenergetic field and therefore enhances their healing!

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Participate in the Energy Medicine Squared programme taught by Dr. Brian Dailey MD – a well-known American physician and member of the Advisory Board of the Monroe Institute – and Allyn Evans, Chief Executive Officer and Guest Trainer for the Monroe Institute.

You will obtain a Reiki Master certification and increase your skills in the use of healing techniques. If you are only just approaching the use of subtle energies, this programme enables you to “open new doors”! If, on the other hand, you already operate in the healing field (even if you are already a Reiki Master), you will make a significant progress in the application of your skills, learn new techniques and tools to bring healing.

You will learn how to combine and integrate different energy practices in addition to Reiki, including crystal therapy, chakra purification techniques, and exercises based on Hemi-Sync and SAM technology, to influence a person’s bioenergetic field and healing.

In this 5-day course, Dr. Brian Dailey and Allyn Evans will show you real-time color images of the different energy fields emanating from your body. You will be filmed using “bio-field imaging” software and receive a copy of the footage. You will see in real time the direct effects of different treatments learned and put into practice, you will have confirmation and validation. So you don’t have to “believe” that something has happened.

By taking this course you will gain more knowledge, new techniques, and a greater awareness of your ability to bring healing to yourself and others!

Energy and healing
Every human being has the innate ability to heal themselves and others, but many people do not know they have it or limit their abilities. This programme is designed to help people unlock and bring out their potential through the use of sophisticated energy techniques along with advanced technologies, expanding their energy fields.

Summary of the programme

Energy Medicine was born as a result of Dr. Brian Dailey’s years of experience with conventional medical treatments successfully combined with energy techniques and binaural frequency sound technology.

Dr. Brian Dailey states “This is a programme open to all those who are interested in learning new ways to improve health and bring healing: physicians, therapists, holistic and energy practitioners, other health and healing professionals. It is aimed at all people who want to learn more or have a desire to obtain new tools to use for their own wellness and healing.”

Who can participate?

  • Anyone who wants to activate and expand their healing abilities for themselves and others.
  • Caregivers: those who care for and assist another person on their healing journey.
  • Health professionals: physicians, doctors, nurse practitioners, health professionals, holistic therapists.
  • Anyone interested in the knowledge and use of sound and energy to promote healing.

What you will learn:

  • The science behind energy healing (Torsion Fields)
  • How a healer’s energy field interacts with a person’s field
  • What are Reiki energy flows and why they work, even on animals!
  • How to properly administer Reiki healing to the person even at a distance
  • How to balance chakras and energy systems
  • How to integrate Reiki with binaural frequencies and gamma waves to accelerate healing
  • Why crystals affect human energy fields and how to use them
  • How to identify and eliminate negative energies

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to you.