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Weekly Meditations – Community Monroe Italy

11 December 2023 - 19:30 | 21:00

The Monroe Italy Community was created in response to the need to create a space where people can continue to have group experiences with Monroe frequencies. Through weekly online meditations, the Community will give you the opportunity to be part of a circuit of people dedicated to the development of Consciousness. You feel much less alone, and more supported, when you are in contact with people who “speak your language” and can understand the kind of experiences you have, without judging, rather, with the intention of sharing and contributing. This is invaluable.

What it consists of
These are 1.5-hour online meetings where, after a brief introduction to meditation and Monroe frequencies, a meditation will be streamed via zoom, then followed by sharing together, led to a Monroe trainer to compare, share and better understand the experience. Sharing is always optional but we encourage you to do so as it contributes greatly to personal understanding and integration as well as being enjoyable and interesting for all.

What to expect
During the experience you will enter an expanded state of consciousness, deeply relaxing your body and mind thanks to the Monroe frequencies and the brain-synchronized condition they generate. You will be able to experience mental and physical well-being, rich in new perceptions and sensations, and pick up messages that are important to you.

The benefits
The experience is different from person to person. Generally, it brings several benefits including:

  • Deep relaxation
  • State of mental calm
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Emotional and physical healing
  • Moments of deep realization
  • Resolution of fears and limiting beliefs
  • Increased creativity and intuition
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Total self-understanding

Each meeting will offer a different theme and audio track with specific Monroe frequencies to support these goals.

Come Partecipare

  • Make sure you have the Zoom App on your computer or cell phone. Linking from web page is much less stable, so we do not recommend it
  • Be on time! After 10 minutes from the start time of the meeting, access will be eliminated.

To connect you

  • Click the Zoom link you received in the confirmation email
  • Verify the audio is set to “stereo.” To set the audio correctly visit this page

During the connection

  • Turn the video on but keep the microphone off to avoid disturbing with background noise.
  • Activates the microphone only when you want to talk

At the end of the meditation

  • Activate the video from ZOOM to let us know you are back 🙂
  • Activate the microphone when you wish to share your experience

To end the connection select the “END MEETING” button on the ZOOM application and close it.

If anything is unclear or you have questions please contact us!

Come Prepararsi

  1. Choose a comfortable position on a comfortable chair, armchair, sofa, bed, etc., arrange any pillows and keep a blanket nearby in case of need
  2. It limits external disturbances as much as possible. If you use your smartphone, put it on airplane mode with wi-fi on
  3. Listen to the preparation directions given to you by the trainer before starting the meditation
  4. If you haven’t already done so, put on your headphones

  5. At the beginning of meditation turn off microphone and video from ZOOM
    (you will avoid transmitting local noise and consuming too much bandwidth)
  6. Adjust the volume to your liking, but let it not be too loud to prevent the guide’s voice from surprising you after a period of silence
  7. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Let go, open your mind to exploration

If anything is unclear or you have questions please contact us!


11 December 2023
19:30 | 21:00