Exploration 27


Exploration 27® is an advanced, intensive 6-day course designed to go beyond the Gateway Voyage and Lifeline experience, which are its pre-requisites. It is a powerful programme during which we dive into the marvellous, joyful energy of Focus 27, exploring its many functions. Then we move on to exploring Focus 34/35, dimensions described by Robert Monroe as the place of “The Council” or “The Gatering.”

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With Exploration 27®  we explore the energy of Focus 27 and its many functions. This place, state, mental dimension and higher plane of reality will be explored in its many functions: the centres for healing and regeneration, learning and education, and coordination and planning. Each experience will be a discovery, an opportunity to receive information for one’s personal mission and history, to gain insights and awareness to obtain “a broader perspective”. You will be able to visit the centre of the Earth, on a sacred journey filled with insights and appreciation for our Mother Earth and her many precious gifts; communicate with intelligences connected to the Earth System and its evolution; embrace and heal your polarities as you continue to discover and know your “I-There”, your Wholeness. Finally, you will venture, as a “galactic ambassador”, into almost unexplored territories: Focus 34/35 – the “Council” area, described by Robert Monroe in the book Last Journey. Its exploration frequently evokes new perceptions and sensations along with singular qualities of communion and union with the Whole. You will have the means to integrate and firmly anchor these experiences in this plane of reality, gaining full satisfaction and gratification from this incredible and adventurous experiential programme.

This symbol is a ROTE, and Bob Monroe often presented it to participants. He asked them to write to him if they got information about what it meant. The symbol has many meanings and people see it often. Some have said that it is a symbol used by the Galactic Federation (beings from all over the galaxy working together for the development of Consciousness) as well as by the Spiritual Hierarchy. There are many levels of meaning – let them be revealed to you in the course of this programme!

Bob Monroe was thrilled and openly joyful to meet the participants in this programme; he used to share with them his experiences and encourage them to describe the nature of their own visions of Focus 27, an area of creation and manifestation.