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Associazione Professionale del Monroe Institute

Since 1980, professional members of the Monroe Institute have been at the forefront of exploring and expanding our collective knowledge about the nature and potential of human consciousness and extending the use of Monroe Sound Science globally.

Using a variety of research methodologies (qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method), members have contributed immeasurably to the understanding and deepening of both Monroe’s specific altered-state techniques and the many questions and concerns related to the study of consciousness as a whole.

Research projects, including pilot studies, longitudinal studies, single-participant studies, multi-participant analyses, meta-analyses, and anecdotal reports, have provided us with a larger database of consciousness research than is possible with our efforts alone.

Current members include researchers, practitioners and educators of various kinds. Becoming a member of the Professional Association is an opportunity to be involved in an ever-expanding network of like-minded people around the world, offering the potential for professional growth, community building and the advancement of knowledge of the phenomenon of consciousness.

With a global tradition of more than 40 years of groundbreaking research and reports on the Monroe Institute’s consciousness development technologies, members of the Professional Association are responsible for most of the papers concerning Monroe Sound Science, published both independently and electronically.

The Professional Association is an elite group of people who are committed to serving the people with whom they work, using Monroe Sound Science, and who agree to report their findings and observations. Many of these contributions are published by the Monroe Institute and accessible to all.
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Roles and Benefits

  1. Members of the Professional Association work with targeted populations beyond the scope of the Monroe Institute to
    1. Apply skills and abilities in their professional fields using Monroe Sound Science and Monroe guidelines and best practices
    2. Study the effectiveness of such use and report on the results obtained
    3. Develop and report on new practical applications of Monroe Sound Science
    4. Develop lines of study that can be explored by others
    5. Train other professionals in the use of Monroe Sound Science.
  2. Members of the Professional Association are encouraged to use the latest Monroe Sound Science to replicate studies done in the early days of the Monroe Institute.

As a member of the Professional Association, you will receive

  • A discount on products from the Monroe Store
  • An exclusive invitation to attend the Professional Seminar, a residential conference with internationally recognized speakers, presentations by members, previews of new Monroe audio instruments, and state-of-the-art reports on Monroe sound science.
  • Editorial publications of submitted reports.
As a member of the professional association you have access to all materials generated by the Monroe Institute startup.

  • Studies and research reports
  • Articles and essays
  • Newsletter
  • Audio and video files
  • Photographs
  • Historical content from the files of Robert A. Monroe
  • And much more!
The Archives

You can browse our archives and download the documents most useful to you

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