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OBE Spectrum in Lanzarote

He participates in this explorationof the nonphysical state of being.

1 edition Feb. 17-23, 2024
2 Feb. 25 edition. – March 2, 2024


Whatever your level of expertise in meditation and exploration of consciousness, this course Will accelerate your ability to go farther, deeper and faster. The system devised by Robert Monroe differs from the techniques used by many experienced meditators. Verbal instructions, along with powerful signals Hemi-Sync®, easily and quickly guide you to deeper and deeper levels of concentration and awareness (Focus Level), to make you recognize that you are much more than your physical body.

In 1994, a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal reported the opinion of the Zen master who heads the Vancouver Buddhist Temple:“students at Monroe experiential retreats can achieve states of meditation in a week that took me 30 years of practice.”

OBE SPECTRUM in Lanzarote

Explore your nonphysical multidimensional nature. He begins by learning Robert Monroe’s methods for reaching the out-of-body state, his personal exploration and his models of nonphysical realities. Learn to recognize the differences between OBEs, Remote Sensing, Lucid Dreams, and Bilocation. Explore new methods and perspectives emerging along the OBE spectrum. Develop skills to navigate, perceive and interpret within these new, nonphysical realms. Discover other perspectives that can deepen your understanding of the exploration of consciousness. Experience a greater integrity and sense of freedom within all aspects of your nonphysical self.

Lucid dreaming and out-of-body states are somewhat similar, each with its own specific characteristics. You will practice lucid dreaming techniques based on the Monroe Institute’s Lucid Dreaming and Gateway Voyage program. You will start from a lucid dream and transform your experience into an OBE. Another form of spontaneous OBE is the near-death experience (NDE). Learn how to deliberately enter the realm of nonphysical realities. Experience separation from physical reality by entering other realities and experience the warm embrace of your energetic part. He learns to re-enter ordinary physical reality easily on command. Learn how to have an OBE experience with clarity, confidence and success.

Developed by a team of Monroe trainers, this course is based on more than 50 years of experience in exploring human consciousness. OBE Spectrum offers a broad basic understanding of what an OBE is, its variations, and how to consciously and voluntarily produce them.

We will be in Lanzarote, an island full of energy and beauty! We will have a villa with a pool area, gardens and many places to enjoy tranquility and peace. Late spring temperatures, a magical place designed for an unforgettable experience of the body and mind.


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Practical information

Course fee: € 1200.00

Discounts and reductions:

  • € -100.00 to Monroe ItalySupporting Members
  • € -100.00forregistrations 3 or more months in advance
  • € – 50.00 for entries in two or more

mandatory and down payment of € 400.00

Hospitality fee: € 600.00
Includes board, lodging for the 6-day course.

Organized transfer from Arecife airport to the course venue and back.

Option extra days with excursions and guided tours to the magnificent island of Lanzarote.

Course languages: Italian, English


This seminar is held in the Canary Islands at “Villa Mahalo.” an idyllic property located on the beautiful island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain), where the mild temperature is pleasant all year round. It is an ideal place to find the conditions for a rejuvenating pause and exploration of human consciousness, finding new methods of accessing deeper levels of one’s self. The facility is cozy with all comforts, swimming pool, tennis and other spaces that encourage contemplation and well-being.

We will have a cook who will cook delicious menus of vegan, vegetarian, and all-you-can-eat cuisine for us.

Transfers to and from the airport are arranged for participants.

For those who wish, a visit to the island is planned on the last day of the stay.