Portal Beyond Consciousness


This intense program uses special audio-guided exercises with technology from the Monroe Institute, and powerful bio-energy techniques developed by the International Academy of Consciousness, for the first time integrated into a single experiential program. It is a course open to all, fundamental to the exploration of human potential.

Discover that you are much more than your physical body and experience the freedom of Being!

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Portal Beyond Consciousness is a programme that focuses on understanding who “drives the human machine”. It develops through the understanding of the different bodies that make up our system and their characteristics: physical, mental, emotional, causal, higher mental and spiritual. To do this, we mainly use bioenergetic (IAC, International Academy of Consciousness) and techniques for the expansion of consciousness (MI, Monroe Institute). The founding principle is the vibratory structure of matter that constitutes life in all its forms and that, depending on the level of vibration/energy peculiar to each body, expresses different capacities and abilities. This programme intends to provide, in a safe and controlled environment, methods and technologies to increase such vibration/energy levels by consciously activating the functions of the different bodies of human beings to experience true human nature and find new answers.

During the programme days you’ll be introduced to principles, scientific basis and various practices while alternating scientific explanations, direct experiences in expanded states of consciousness, bioenergetic techniques, individual lab sessions and group sharing. There will also be space for personal reflection and lighter moments with themed film and video screenings.


  • Understanding the nature of the human being and the different bodies that make up the human being.
  • Understanding the experiences of OBEs, Remote Viewing, NDEs, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and exploration of states of no-time.
  • Exploring the different realities in which we co-exist and communicate / interact with those.
  • Understanding the spiritual nature of the human being, its origin and purpose.
  • Acquiring energetic, physical, mental and emotional tools and techniques to improve the quality of your daily life.
  • Understanding the vibratory nature of life and human consciousness in all its forms.
  • Finding new answers.
  • Activating a healing and rebalancing process.
  • Promoting the understanding of who and what we are beyond our physical bodies.

Developed by a team of Monroe and IAC trainers, this course is based on more than 50 years of experience in the field of human consciousness exploration by the two institutes.