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DEC – Dolphin Energy Club

In questo periodo l’Istituto Monroe con il supporto dei suoi trainer, ha deciso di mettere a disposizione delle speciali meditazioni per sentirci più vicini, per portare salute e benessere, consapevolezza ed energia. Per prendere coscienza del momento così importante che stiamo vivendo. Siamo certi che questa iniziativa porterà sollievo e offrirà strumenti importanti a tutte le persone che ne verranno a conoscenza e ne faranno uso.

Basic Level

Silver Level

Gold Level

Several Monroe Institute courses, the Gateway Voyage and Lifeline just to name a few, use DEC exercises and frequencies to restore and rebalance the participant’s physical, emotional and mental health. Underlying the frequencies contained in these guided audio exercises are years of study and research into the human brain’s ability to activate and strengthen healing processes.

The Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) is based on this research and sound technology from the Monroe Institute. DEC has existed for decades and has enabled many people to gain healing and relief from their disease condition. In addition to the direct use of leads, it is possible to contact DEC liaisons at the Monroe Institute, present one’s case, and request that their members operate remote healing to those who request it. There is no cost, and we keep medical and scientific records of the results obtained. ( You can contact the DEC Club here )

Preparing to Change State of Consciousness

  • The exercise takes about 30 minutes. Initial verbal guidance will accompany you in letting go of progressive relaxation and perceptions that will come during the experience. You will have a time for free exploration and finally verbal guidance will return to take you back to your normal state of consciousness and wakefulness.
  • Relax, empty your mind and get comfortable, pay attention in perceiving with your senses and add a pinch of curiosity. The sounds and your brain will do the rest.
  • You will always be in control of you and the more you let go the more interesting the “journey” will be!
  • At the end of the exercise take deep breaths, move or stretch your arms and legs, like when you get up in the morning. Drink some water and write down your perceptions.

Good experience!

Follow these directions to improve your experience.

  1. Listen to the audio possibly with headphones. Plug them in and check the volume, neither high nor low. If you don’t have headphones arranged in the center of the sounds, the effect will be a little less effective so pay more attention and eliminate other external noises.
  2. Make sure you are not disturbed for the next 30 to 60 minutes. phone, outside noise, eliminates possible interruptions or distractions.
  3. Sit comfortably or lie down. You can put yourself in a meditation position, in an armchair, on a couch or on a bed, wherever you are most comfortable.

Now you are ready to get started!

Preparing to Change State of Awareness
The standard preparatory process consists of several methods (tools) that help prepare you to access expanded and enhanced states of awareness.

  • Surf:
    The gentle sound of ocean waves that promotes relaxation of body and mind. Use your breath to relax your body.
  • Energy Conversion Box:
    A self-created mental representation of a box that can be filled with all your problems, thoughts and worries, leaving you free, mindless, during the exercises.
  • Resonant Tuning (Resonant Tuning):
    To increase and balance the flow of energy in your physical and mental body. Inhale and then vocalize as you exhale the air with a vocal harmonization “aaah, oooh, uuuumm. Try different sounds and vocalizations. Feel the vibrations resonating in your body.
  • REBAL Resonant Energy Sphere:
    Create your own Resonant Energy Sphere around you to intensify your awareness of your non-physical energy and to voluntarily change it in accordance with your intentions. Breathe in and, as you hold your breath, think of a glowing sphere with the number ten in the center, then exhale letting the sphere come out of you wrapping all around you.
  • “GatewayAffirmation“:
    Pronounce in the mind the affirmation or remember its salient points as a purpose for the experience. Add here if you want your goal.

At the end of the exercise remember to drink water, the brain needs it!

Good experience!

Approach the portal of the
Gateway Voyage

Use DEC exercises, for you first and later for others, but don’t forget to ask their consent first, it is important!
Always keep in mind that the mental attitude each of us has when using DEC is crucial: the frequencies work but it is you who must want to heal!

  • Follow the directions to prepare for listening
  • Clear your mind and open yourself to perceptions
  • Have fun!

Tell us and get in touch with us after the experience if you want to learn more about this and other types of meditations.

Introduction to DEC

A guided path to Focus 10 to build your energy tool (energy bar) and activate DEC and its energy

  • Heal the physical part
  • Heal the emotional part
  • Heal the mental part