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Unleash Your Potential!
Live a Life Excellence at 360°

Each of us is born with a unique set of skills and talents. Optimize your ability to utilize and access your gifts using our system and best practices.

March 28th-29th, 2020 Virginia (USA)

During this weekend workshop, you will learn two life-changing techniques that we combine with a powerful technology (LE360° Keys to Success) in a unique and integrated way. End result:  You will better understand who you are and how to effectively use your skills and talents to achieve desired results, both personally and professionally. We call this achieving Success at 360°.

The LE360° Keys to Success:

  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP™)
  2. Language and Behavior Profiling (LAB Profile®)
  3. Monroe Audio Technologies (Hemi-Sync®)

You will learn how to become a co-creator of your reality instead of a victim”

You will:

  • Remember who you are: access conditions and regenerating states to find Your-
  • Look at the present: explore the beliefs and mental programs that limit your potential.
  • Rediscover your potentials: learn how to access your hidden talents and activate them.
  • Shape your future: explore your possible futures and the strategies to achieve them.

Our Secret Weapon … Hemi-Sync!

We use a sound technology that allow you to enter into deep meditative state, which empower your brain, synchronizing your hemispheres and give you access a new level of understanding. Yu will be unlocking the doors to your inner resources, and creative and imaginative abilities.

Who are the Trainers?
Seminar will be led by Luca Biotti and Stefano Roverso, experienced International Monroe Institute Trainers, NLP experts.

Who can benefit?
Anyone who is interested in maximizing their potential.

Registration: Cost is $240 – Monroe PD Members, Trainers, early bird (1 month before): $200.

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Life Excellence 360° Book now your spot to the program. If you're a TMI PD Member, TMI Trainer or book before March, 1 you'll pay 200$. Elsewere 240$.

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