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March, 12-17 – 2023 – LANZAROTE



Join the Gateway Voyage in the Canary Islands at “Casa Tomaren.”

A private complex with six “Studio Villas” reserved only for us, located on the most spectacular island area in San Bartolomé, Lanzarote, with a large pool area, gardens, and many places to enjoy tranquility and peace. Late spring temperatures, views of the volcano and untouched beaches nearby complete the context of this magical place, designed for an unforgettable experience of body and mind.


Practical information

Program fee: € 1200

Discount and reductions:

  • € –100 to Monroe Italia sustaining member
  • € –100 for booking 3 months in advance
  • € – 50 for registration in two or more

Pre-booking with a deposit of € 400 required

Hospitality costs: € 600 with full board for the 6 program days.

Transfer A/R Arecife airport – Casa Tomaren.

Extra days option with excursions and guided tours to magnificent isle of Lanzarote

Program language: Italian, English and Spanish


Listen to this short Hemi-Sync meditation with stereo headphones and without being disturbed


The Program

Gateway Voyage

Whatever your level of proficiency in meditation and consciousness exploration, the Gateway Voyage® will accelerate your ability to go farther, deeper and faster. The Gateway approach is unique. The system designed by Robert Monroe it differs from the techniques used by many experienced meditators. The verbal instructions, along with the powerful Hemi-Sync® signals, gently and quickly guide you towards deeper and deeper levels of concentration and awareness (Focus Level), into the recognition that you are much more than your physical body.

In 1994, a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal reported the opinion of the Zen master, head of the Buddhist temple in Vancouver: “Gateway students can reach meditation states in a week that required me 30 years of practice.

 The Gateway Voyage® contains the tools and techniques necessary to awaken the powers and abilities hidden in your mind and spirit.

You will discover, through direct experience, what it means to be more than your physical body. You will travel with the energy body to live out-of-body experiences (OBE) going beyond the limits of physical matter, in full control and safety. You will have access to new states of consciousness to communicate with other intelligences, you will be beyond the limits of time and space, to reconnect to knowledge, ancient memories, and new insights. Finally, you will discover what is beyond physical life, Overcoming man’s greatest fear, that of physical death

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