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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions sent in by people who use Hemi-Sync and attend our courses.
The answers are the result of many years of experience, study and research by the Monroe Institute and its trainers.
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Can you download Hemi-Sync ® to an MP3 player without losing its features and benefits?

Yes, you can, but you have to do it right, because typical MP3 compression risks negating the Hemi-Sync ® benefits. When burning a CD to the computer and then switching to the MP3 player, several options are available for quality. Choosing Wav File or CD quality MP4 or MP3 at 192bps or more, there is no problem, you keep and advantages of Hemi-Sync ® technology. Different choices risk compressing sound effects by canceling Hemi-Sync ® effects.

Do I need to use headphones to get the benefits of Hemi-Sync ® technology?

Hemi-Sync ® is a technology based on different sounds in each ear, so it will be increasingly effective listening to sounds with stereo headphones. Tests have been done that show that music with Hemi-Sync sounds is still effective even with stereo speakers as background music. For guided exercises, however, it remains more beneficial to listen with headphones in a place where you can relax and remain totally focused on the exercise.

What should I do if I am fully awake and alert after hearing an exercise?

There are many effective ways to reconnect with the physical world. You can count slowly from 10 to 1; drink cool water, take a cool shower or throw cold water on your face, neck and wrists. If the weather permits, you can walk without shoes outdoors, taking deep breaths and releasing excess energy through your feet. You can also rest your back against a tree and imagine the energy flowing from your head to the branches and from your feet to the roots of the tree and to the center of the Earth.

Do I always have to use CDs?

No. They’re like bicycle safety wheels when you first learn to ride-they’re fine for the first few practices, but then you learn to ride on your own and you don’t need them anymore. Hemi-Sync is a neuro-technology that stimulates new neuronal connections in our brains. As it were, he “trains” it to access its greater potential. With practice these new connections are consolidated, becoming stable and accessible even without Hemi-Sync.

What happens if I fall asleep when listening to a CD?

There may be times when you “get out” of the exercise completely; this can happen when you begin to move beyond your level of experience. It is as if you turn something off and fall asleep, you have the feeling that you have been gone for a very long time. At the end of the exercise, there is no perception that time has passed. Your memory will contain the experience but you have no immediate recollection of it. This “disconnection” is quite common and normal; with practice you will overcome this phase and the memories will be total. In the meantime, try putting the idea of falling asleep or imagining experiences and not living them in your energy conversion box. If you still fall asleep, try to do the exercise by sitting up. Finally, practice, practice, practice. It is through patience and continuous practice that one learns to maintain balance in the state that lies between deep relaxation and sleep.

What should I do when images or outside thoughts interfere with what I am trying to do in the exercise?

You can try to put what is coming in and disturbing you in your energy conversion box, but if it keeps coming back it is better not to try to stop it or strive to push it away. You can detect thoughts without getting caught up in them, observe them and let them go like the ifs of a movie, where you are only a spectator. You can always retrieve them and focus on them at the end of the exercise.

I usually sleep on my side or stomach, and I feel unsafe supine. In addition, I cannot lie still for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

You can try sitting comfortably in your bed while listening. Some say they prefer sitting because they are less likely to fall asleep. If you have small earbuds or a comfortable pillow, try lying on your side or upside down.

When I do the exercise, I feel a sense of pressure or sound in my head and my heart speeds up. Is this normal?

A slight buzzing or sense of pressure often occurs in some people. This means that you are responding to the Hemi-Sync ® process. However, if you experience a sense of discomfort, you can check if the volume is too loud. For best results, the volume should be such that verbal instructions are barely heard. Remember that you are expanding your state of awareness and l of your perceptions, consequently you are more aware of your heartbeat, breathing and so on. This is a common phenomenon in energy level changes as well as when you are awake and alert after a state of deep relaxation.

Why not mix mind-altering drugs with Hemi-Sync®?

These exercises allow you to control your state of consciousness; usually medications interfere with this control. Your interpretation and understanding of experiences will be more accurate without the unpredictable influence of drugs or other mind-altering substances.

Is the Hemi-Sync ® technique useful only for experienced meditators or people who have devoted years of practice to similar disciplines ?

There are very different people taking the courses, so much so that it is safe to say that everyone can appreciate the benefits: from the speed and ease of access, to the expanded state of awareness, to the ability to maintain these states by following the exploration guidelines. Hemi-Sync ® was created to help people at whatever level of development they are at, helping them progress to even more advanced levels of self-discovery and exploration of other levels of reality.

Sometimes during an exercise I feel so much energy in my body that it makes me uncomfortable and pulls me out of the experience, what should I do?

It is important to note that the energy you feel is that of the second state, it is a non-physical energy, and you need to assimilate it before you can use it. Observe and feel the movement of energy through your body. Wait and observe if it speeds up or slows down. Remember to express gratitude for the experience of this conscious energy. Dialogue with this energy and ask with your mind, “Is there a message for me in this experience?” Feeling the arrival of these energetic states helps us move to an even more expanded state of awareness and consciousness.

I can't and don't feel like doing resonant harmonization. I come from a very deep state of relaxation and my mouth seems to stop working. Sometimes while singing I get de-concentrated and start wandering with my imagination. What should I do?

It is important to force yourself to do resonant harmonization because it is a method that will help you perceive nonphysical energy. Resonant harmonization allows you to quickly gather vibrational energy, reducing your internal dialogue and allowing you to access the experience with greater energy.

I seem to have difficulty visualizing during experiences and fail to achieve certain states of awareness. What should I do?

Everyone perceives their experiences differently, and some high energy states of awareness are not necessarily visual. There are people who have an easier time visualizing lights, colors and shapes, others receive physical sensations, and still others auditory sensations. You may experience sensations, or tingling or tremors in your body, bed or room. Some people hear the sounds of ocean waves, humming, voices, verbal messages, and even music. Others simply “know” that they have received messages. The best thing is to relax and observe your perceptions, without wanting to judge or analyze them.

I am flooded with light during the exercise, is it that God is manifesting Himself?

The light suggests that your potential and perceptions beyond physical reality are developing, but it is you who must decide what the meaning is. Several consciousness explorers report many experiences where they are in the light, as well as people who have had near-death experiences. These experiences are often accompanied by a feeling of euphoria, a feeling of oneness with the universe, or of being surrounded by love. A Buddhist feels able to communicate a Buddha, a Christian with Jesus Christ. The Monroe Institute neither suggests nor promotes any specific interpretation and encourages you to seek your own.

Even when I am in Focus 10, I am aware of my breath. This makes it very difficult for me to reach a higher state of consciousness

This is a very normal reaction, consider that breath energy helps at this stage (for this, we have the resonant harmonization exercise) and prepares you to move to higher energy states. Be aware of what you are experiencing and let it be-don’t fight against it. You can be aware of both your breath and the experience. You can always put your breath concern in your energy conversion box if you wish. Once you have convinced yourself that breathing is a normal process and not a problem, your perception of breathing should disappear on its own. Some people believe that breathing or heartbeat is a comfort signal coming from the physical body, and so one can move with more confidence to other states.

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