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Initiatives with Hemi-Sync

In more than 50 years of the Monroe Institute's work, many have used Hemi-Sync technology, demonstrating its effectiveness

“The use of Hemi-Sync stimulates the creation of neural patterns in the cortex, producing improved mental activities and functions. After 6 weeks of use, such neural patterns appear to become permanent (listening to 30 min. daily with headphones).”
Prof. Barbara Bullard (Costa Mesa, CA, USA)

Several professional projects and collaborations using Hemi-Sync are active in Italy. Check out the dedicated areas and contact us to learn more or activate a partnership with us.

Aziende e Professionisti

It is undisputed that competence and professionalism are needed in the business world, but if you want excellence you need to bring something more to the table: personality and talent. It is necessary to know how to access the greater potential of one’s own brain, to find out what mechanisms govern it, and to have methods and tools to bring out one’s own talents and those of our collaborators, bringing to bear additional resources and capabilities that lead to excellence.

Ask us how we can help.

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Scuola e Apprendimento

The Mind-Sync project developed with the University of Padua and applied by students, teachers and in schools, aims to improve and enhance learning skills, focused attention, memory, concentration, without excluding anxiety management and self-esteem. It is also effective in the presence of learning disorders. It enables brain training by developing cognitive skills useful for learning along with harmonious personality development.

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Anziani e terza età

The AGELESS project with Hemi-Sync aims to increase the mental and physical well-being of the Elderly Man by maintaining and strengthening cognitive abilities and reversing the deterioration process. It is applied in RSA, hospice and nursing home facilities, both individually and in groups through operators trained on site in the use of Hemi-Sync technology. It allows us to preserve and improve the quality of life during this stage of our lives while maintaining our mental and psycho-physical abilities to the fullest.

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Documentazione scientifica internazionale disponibile

There are a large number of documents available, although most are in English. They represent over 50 years of study and professional collaboration with the Monroe Institute by professionals: physicians, psychologists, therapists, managers, teachers, educators etc. from around the world who have used Hemi-Sync technology and achieved significant results in their professional fields.

Consult them freely and if something strikes you in particular contact us, we can help you learn more about it.

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