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Individual sessions

To help you find the best solutions for you

Request an individual session.

Communication is internal (with ourselves), external (with our peers) and higher (with those who are higher). Communicating is always the first step we will take together.

Monroe technology helps in this process; it is an additional resource that as professionals and trainers we provide along with our talents and acquired skills to help you on your journey in an effective and personalized way.

You will use tools from Effective Communication, NLP, Hemi-Sync©, LAB Profile, Mindfulness, Energy Work, Yoga, Channeling and other empowering techniques. Anyone can benefit: young people, adults, the elderly, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, employees, and the unemployed.

You will gain new perspectives, answers, methods and resources to achieve your goals and the change you seek with consistency, ease and success!

Courses are sometimes not enough to affect the change we seek; with individual sessions we offer you more.

We espouse the concept of the coach who follows you and helps you better understand difficulties, problems, needs, goals, motivations and resources.

We stand by your side to help you find your best solutions.


We appeal to those who

  • Look for new ways to improve life
  • Has goals and doesn’t know how to achieve them
  • Seeks serenity, awareness, joy and abundance

What needs do you have?

  • Reinvent yourself
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Reliance
  • Directing one’s future
  • Contact with guides
  • Extraordinary experiences
  • Greater serenity
  • Professional success

How we help you

  • Effective Communication, NLP, Coaching
  • Monroe Audio Sound
  • Energy Work
  • Yoga, Mindfulness
  • Channeling
  • Counseling, Constellations
  • Expanded states of consciousness

What resources we offer you

  • Self-awareness
  • Management of “status”
  • Well-formed targets
  • Time Management
  • Creativity, Insight, Peak Performance
  • Contact with Guides

We have many different skills and one purpose: to help you. Contact us, we'll get started right away!

Access your greatest potential, new resources and talents. Find new answers and new ways to achieve your goals. Understand what to leave behind and what to welcome. All this is within your reach with one-on-one sessions.

Stefano Roverso

Trainer Monroe, Coach & Master Practitioner PNL

I became a Monroe trainer in 2009 while I was a business manager. The Monroe experiences convinced me that I could pursue my dreams and fulfill my life plan without having to give up the economic security and quality of life I had achieved. I did and succeeded. Today my life is an expression of the freedom I sought. As a Monroe trainer, I share a beautiful mission: to help people awaken their awareness and potential, and that satisfies and pleases me. The Monroe method and my path with NLP have been the key tools for my success. Thanks to them, I knew how to make my dreams come true, turning them into concrete actions and goals that I could bring into daily reality.

With individual Monroe Coaching sessions, I provide you with methods and experiences to help you realize your goals and dreams. Remember that limits exist only in people’s heads. I can help you remove some of it.

Alessandra Veronese

Mindset and Communication Strategist

The path of growth, starts with oneself and arrives at an awareness of one’s potential. Pointing you to the best path is my job as a mental coach.
There is always a road “inside” that leads us to realize our goal “outside,” an energy that is often held back by our negative thoughts, fears, fears, uncertainties, beliefs. Simply put, the first obstacle to achievement is ourselves. And I realized that the strongest weapon at our disposal is communication with ourselves and others.

I listen and help people by training their minds, enhancing their personal resources, eliminating unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that can hold back achievement, and identifying the most functional thinking strategies for achieving personal and professional goals.

Domenico Demuru

Trainer Monroe

I conduct seminars and meetings throughout Italy, in Companies and Working Groups. I teach meditation, mindfulness and stress management techniques. With the Monroe Institute, as an outreach trainer, I organize seminars and meetings to facilitate and guide people to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness.
In 2019 I published “Happiness in the Drawer-practical meditation course.”

In individual Monroe & Theta sessions, we work to identify and depower blocks and limiting beliefs that hinder the full expression of your potential. Through theta wave work techniques and Monroe frequencies, I will guide you into non-ordinary states of consciousness that facilitate the understanding and removal of fears, limitations and energy blocks.

Luca Biotti

Trainer Monroe, Trainer PNL, Trainer LAB Profile

The systemic view and process approach also find application in the field of human experience. What we think influences how we feel and consequently what we do. I pursued a Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis to understand the significance of this delicate balance and certified first as a PLN trainer and then LAB Profile trainer to master the teaching of these methods. I eventually became a Monroe trainer to include aspects of mindfulness and give full meaning to our existence and what sustains us in it.
Achieving excellence in different areas of life is an achievable goal, thanks to proven models that relate listening to one’s desires and rediscovering one’s talents.

During individual sessions we will use three different disciplines: the Monroe method, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Lab Profile (Language & Behaviour profiling) method in an integrated and synergistic way to enhance the effects of traditional coaching and achieve results in a shorter time. Whether you need to work on a professional project/goal, on defining a new personal growth path, or better support your spiritual awakening, with these tools I will help you find your best answers and solutions best suited to becoming the best version of yourself.

Riccardo Pappalardo

Trainer Monroe, Insegnante Yoga & Coach Theta Healing

Our lives are influenced and guided by beliefs that are in many cases limiting and deeply rooted in our minds, preventing us from living peacefully and joyfully and fulfilling our desires. How can we change them? One of the most effective methods is Theta Healing. It uses theta waves produced by the brain and allows, through “digging in” and specially created commands, to change sabotaging subconscious beliefs and achieve profound well-being and more complete self-realization. Combining this technique with Monroe Sound technology makes the process of change and resolution even more effective.

Silvia Mattia

Trainer Monroe, Channeler

Blind since birth, I have developed subtle senses and deep perception of the Invisible Worlds. Spontaneous and frequent have always been my conversations with the Angels and with the so-called deceased. Along my path I have delved into Channeling and Mediumship, Karmic Cleansing, Spirit Cleansing and Akashic Records reading through accredited schools in Italy and abroad. Since learning about the Monroe method and the Hemi-Sync and SAM frequencies, I have made use of them in my channeling and mediumship work.

With individual sessions thanks to Monroe sounds and connection with the Invisible Worlds, I will help you better decode the messages/signals coming to you from Angels, Guides or those who have finished the earthly path. Together, we will remove those emotional blocks that prevent you from living your daily events to the fullest and try to find answers to your most pressing existential questions.

Diego Giaimi

Osteopata, Counselor in Psicogenealogia e Costellatore

I am an osteopath, counselor in psychogenealogy, scholar of vibrational medicine, and creator of the 4R® technique. Through the integration of my studies with other subjects, including biological medicine and the soul movements characteristic of family constellations, I have been able to merge different approaches with the goal of synergistic action on body, mind and spirit. Over the years I have deepened my explorations into expanded states of consciousness, in part because of the valuable courses at the Monroe Institute, reporting much of the information in my books.

In individual sessions, we work with the study of the family tree, we will try to raise awareness through a change of vision and a broad look at the familiar field of information that resonates with the soul projects. The small and the large will merge in the vision of oneself, one’s family, and one’s soul.

Valentina Buccella

Outreach Trainer, Operatrice olistica, Traduttrice, Interprete

Valentina soon began to wonder what the purpose of her life was. Not finding satisfactory answers on the outside, she turned inward and began studying and practicing meditation. Later, she became a meditation coach, using the techniques she perfected to develop her own unique method. She has certified twice as a Reiki Master (Western and Eastern approaches).

Under the pseudonym Vivien Pelt, Val is the author of the book Shadow Work. A guide to becoming whole. With prompts, journal and meditations to help you integrate all the parts of your authentic self (currently available in English only). She is the translator of Itzhak Bentov’s book The Wandering Pendulum. On the Mechanics of Consciousness. And he offers his interpreting services to Monroe’s international courses in Italy.

Val had her first experience with the Monroe Institute in 2012 and has been regularly active since 2019. In 2023 she became Community Group Leader, facilitating weekly online meditations.

After a 10-year corporate career in London, alternating office work with professional coaching and energy therapies, she moved to her hometown of Naples, Italy. Today Valentina leads her own holistic therapy practice where she guides people in their unique process of self-healing and awakening consciousness.

“It is an immense joy, honor and responsibility for me to contribute to the awakening of people’s consciousness, the discovery of their potential and the transformation of their total self,” he says.

He loves long walks, the sea and the wilderness of forests. What makes his imaginary tail “wag” are friends, laughter, dancing, good food, and soul-nourishing conversations.

Gianluca Talarico

Outreach Trainer

Gianluca has been a meditation practitioner and spiritual seeker since a young age.
The son of an employee of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gianluca spent his childhood and adolescence living in Mogadishu (Somalia), Athens (Greece) and Tripoli (Libya). The fortunate opportunity to travel from a young age exposed him to different ways of thinking and different cultures sparking his curiosity for questions such as “Who am I?”, “What is the meaning
of life?” and “What are religions?” and “What is the true nature of God?”
His first encounter with the spiritual world occurred at the age of 15 and at
began practicing meditation, exploring various techniques with different teachers and fellow travelers.
He has studied and practiced Rebirthing with Leonard Orr, many Osho meditation techniques, Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness. She has also studied and worked as a counselor dealing with groups with grief, separation and abandonment issues.
In 2020, during the lockdown period, Gianluca first came into contact with the Monroe Institute and in less than a year, participated in the Exploring Consciousness program, Gateway Voyage and Lifeline.

Gianluca has been an Outreach Trainer with the Monroe Institute since 2023, and is currently in charge of the holistic sector of the “Sant’Agnese Salt Cave” in Rome, where he and Domenico Demuru will be organizing experiential evenings with Hemi-Sync audio tracks starting in October 2022. He also leads private Meditation and Mindfulness groups and meetings and teaches Meditation and Mindfulness to children at Tozzi High School in Rome.

Gianluca’s diverse life experiences, combined with his extensive exploration of Meditation and Mindfulness practices, have made him a dedicated teacher in his work of facilitating others in exploring the depths of their consciousness and enhancing their being.

Danilo Toneguzzi

Outreach Trainer, Psichiatra e Psicoterapeuta

Danilo is a physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and author. He was initially trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy; he later delved into the systemic model, through Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations method and L. Greemberg’s Emotion-Focused Therapeutic (EFT) model, with an emphasis on Dr. Sue Johnson’s Couples Therapy (EFT-T). He also delved deeper into the psychology of character by training in the Psychology of Enneatypes with Claudio Naranjo.

In addition to the psychological-relational aspects, he has also been trained in the field of Psychotraumatology, through F. Shapiro’s EMDR and P. Levine’s Somatic Experiencing models, as well as in the field of Mind-Body integration, from PNEI psychosomatics to the latest models supported by quantum biophysical knowledge.

Since the 1990s he has been following a path of inner evolution through spiritual teachings and practices of both Western and Eastern Masters.

In 1995 he founded the Gestalt Pordenone Institute, an organization that provides training in communication and helping relationships, conducting seminars and trainings aimed at individuals or professional groups.

In 2015 he became aware of Bob Monroe’s work through reading his books and participating in Exploring Consciousness and Gataway Voyage. From there, a journey that never ended began: he subsequently participated in other residential TMI programs, and the exploration of consciousness became increasingly integral to his evolutionary process and clinical work with his patients.

Since his first experiences with TMI programs, he has particularly appreciated the simplicity, safety and extreme effectiveness of the audio technology used, which makes it possible for everyone to have direct and profound self-knowledge.That is why he decided to become an Outreach Trainer and to pass on the incredible possibilities that the Monroe Institute’s programs allow. Not only experience non-ordinary states of consciousness, but also understand everything beyond the physical/material plane.

Health, in the fullest sense, and personal fulfillment cannot manifest without a deep understanding of who we are, our potential and the spiritual reality of which we are a part: this is what animates and motivates his work.

Luca Dramisio

Outreach Trainer

At the age of 18, Luke became aware that inner reality was influencing outer reality, and he began to ask questions about the nature of his personal experiences and embarked on an individual search for truth.

Over time he collected experiences and information on the subject until he realized that these answers and truths he researches have to do with human consciousness, studies on the subject led him to become interested in the Monroe Institute. By participating in the institute”s various programs, he has benefited personally so much that he has chosen to spread its values and tools.

One of the phrases Luke has always been inspired by is, “Learning is an experience everything else is information,” his hope is that one day everyone will have the opportunity to access expanded states of consciousness.