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Monroe System and Focus Levels

Focus levels are labels, convention names, that indicate specific states of consciousness accessible with Hemi-Sync technology.
Physiologically, they correspond to precise frequency patterns of brain waves. Levels from 10 onward are rarely experienced in ordinary awareness.

Miranon Cosmology

Focus and features

Focus 1: This is the waking condition in ordinary reality, where the mind is fully awake and active.
Focus 3: is a state of consciousness where the two cerebral hemispheres are active and synchronized.
Focus 10: This is the state where the mind is awake and active and the body deeply relaxed and asleep.
Focus 11: It is the “access channel,” where we can program the mind to control physical, mental and emotional functions and their use at any time of the day.
Focus 12: is a state of expanded awareness where our awareness extends beyond the physical body giving us access to new perceptions and abilities, the energy body, inner resources, and creativity.
Focus 15: It is a condition of Non-Time and Non-Space, with great separation between consciousness and physical body. A place of creativity and brilliant insights, of access to universal knowledge and one’s personal history.
Focus 18: It is a state of presence and unconditional love, of contact with heart energy.
Focus 21: is a state where awareness is expanded by giving access to realities and energy systems beyond time, space and physical matter; it is a place of contact with other intelligences and sources of knowledge.
Focus 22: This is a level where people are partially or fully unconscious; people in coma, suffering from delirium or dementia, under the influence of drugs, alcohol, anesthesia. It is a chaotic and confusing level where it is very difficult to communicate with those there.

Focus 23: It is a state inhabited by those who have recently left the body and physical existence. They are unaware of their condition and obsessively attached to their earthly ties.
Focus 24, 25, 26: These are the territories of belief and belief systems. Those who reside there are locked in their beliefs and convictions, yet they are not isolated, but live in groups. He has adhered to and accepted similar beliefs and belief systems during his earthly existence and clings to them while rejecting other possibilities.
Focus 27: The Park, the reception center for rest and recuperation. An artificial area created by human minds to alleviate the trauma and shock of the transition from physical reality. It has the appearance of Earth to be more acceptable to newcomers. It is a place of contact with those who are no longer here, of harmony and peace, of understanding one’s earthly experiences made and choosing the next evolutionary step.
Focus 34/35: State of connection with those beings Bob Monroe called “The Council,” “The Assembly” higher intelligences that are observing Earth in these times of change.
Focus 42: It is a state of consciousness that is difficult to describe, suitable for the exploration of the Solar System, the Galaxy, our Totality, our Self/There group.
Focus 49: It is a state of consciousness in which it is possible to explore beyond our galaxy and the Self/There group is beyond the Council group.

Change your perspective

Robert Monroe(and the intelligences that helped him) defines a system of human education that goes beyond human life. The courses take you through this unique exploration.