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Explore the Expanded States of Consciousness. Increase Your Awareness.

Residential courses

These are experiential programs typically lasting 5-6 days, organised in farmhouses, hotels, and country houses selected for their context and energy quality. Peaceful places, surrounded by nature and quiet, with quality food and warm hospitality, where you can indulge in wellness and reflection, exploration and discovery.

After having been introduced by the trainer/facilitator, each exercise is done individually in one’s room or in common areas wearing the provided stereo headphones. Each experience is followed by a sharing circle, facilitated by the trainer, where the discussion enriches the subjective experiences and provides clues for a better understanding. Dotted with breaks, the day’s experience carries on after dinner with optional films, videos or activities.

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Non-residential courses

These are typically weekend-long experiential workshops held in several Italian cities at selected facilities (yoga or holistic work centers). Typically, activities begin in the morning and end in the late afternoon, allowing return home for the evening. Monroe experiences are presented by the trainer/facilitator then done with the stereo headphones provided, in the common room. Each experience is followed by a time of sharing and discussion led by the trainer to enrich subjective keys to understanding. Experiential practice is predominant albeit enriched by scientific and reference information.

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Online courses

Each online course consists of modules of 3 hours each, consisting of lectures with videos, documents, slides, and headphone experiences . You will have access to the private area of the course for 2 weeks after enrollment and can repeat the experiences several times when you want. You may request a 20-minute chat session with a Monroe trainer .

Registrants will be sent confirmation and credentials to access the area dedicated to the course they purchased.

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Live-streaming courses

Live-streaming courses are held via the ZOOM platform. You will participate in live explanations, experiences and sharing with the trainer and participants from the comfort of your own home.

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