Gateway Voyage


Gateway Voyage is a fundamental course in exploring human potential using Hemi-Sync® technology; it is designed to teach the fundamental tools, techniques, and principles of human mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

To date, over 40,000 people have participated, greatly deepening their knowledge and the use of their mind’s abilities, which gave a whole new meaning to their lives.

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Gateway Voyage is an insightful intensive course designed to provide techniques and principles for the human mental, emotional and spiritual development. It is indeed a gateway to new skills and knowledge, beyond which we discover our true nature. An indispensable experiential journey to understand what it means to be more than one’s physical body through direct experience using Hemi-Sync® technology.

Gateway Voyage is an intensive six-day programme created to provide tools that can help:

  • Explore and develop human consciousness
  • Access progressively deeper levels of self-knowledge
  • Expand one’s awareness
  • Access that level of awareness at will
  • Communicate with and visit other energy systems and realities

The Monroe Institute and Gateway Voyage are not designed to give pre-set answers. In fact, it is our sincere wish that those who attend the Gateway Voyage programme will leave us with a new and endless set of questions, and that the tools we provide can empower them to find their own answers. We do not provide a new belief system. People from all walks of life, professional backgrounds and with a wide variety of religious beliefs participated in the Gateway Voyage without belief conflicts. The only philosophical concept we ask to consider as a concrete possibility is that You are more than your physical body.

During the course we will cover the state of out-of-body (OBE) and Astral Travel, and techniques for achieving this particular state of consciousness, but this is but a small part of the overall goals of this program of self-awareness and self-empowerment. We cannot guarantee that you will have an OBE experience during or after the course, although we do provide you with the tools, and the knowledge, and principles to obtain one.

To greatly enhance your experience we warmly advise that you participate with an open mind, a willingness to get to know each other, and as few expectations as possible. The program’s approach is devoid of judgments or qualifications of right/wrong. In fact, we encourage the exploration of consciousness from a personal and individual standpoint, which allows you to determine what is most meaningful and effective for you.