Exploring Perception


Exploring PerceptionOnline introduces you to new capacities of your mind by exploring new states of consciousness and awareness and working on your goals, healing, clearing emotional blocks, well-being, and mental empowerment needed to access deeper and deeper levels of your Self.

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Exploring Perception Online is an experiential seminar developed by “The Gateway Experience” programme. It is an important stage of personal development and improvement. The seminar aims to accompany the participant into Focus 10, the state of “body asleep and mind awake”, a condition of synchronisation of the two brain hemispheres that can otherwise be reached only after years of meditative practice.

Here you can find calm and tranquility, centring and mental clarity. You will enter a state of deep well-being and pleasant detachment from everyday life, recharging your energy and bringing mental clarity and healing to your whole being. You will gain access to deeper levels of understanding of your Self, which brings about a lasting well-being. The special healing exercises will help you bring the correct mental, physical and emotional energy to restore the best health conditions in you, strengthening your ability to feel good and be strong and healthy.