OBE Exploration online


OBE Exploration online is an experiential seminar developed from “The Gateway Experience” program, thanks to the foundations gained in the other Monroe courses we will go further by presenting in detail the procedures, techniques and resolutions useful for safely accessing and controlling the Out of Body experience.

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This experiential seminar, developed by “The Gateway Experience” program, focuses on the preparation, mental approach and methods needed to access Out of Body, out-of-body experiences (astral travel). It delves deeper, presenting in detail the procedures, techniques and propositions useful for controlling these experiences. We cannot guarantee that every participant will have the experience of exiting the body already during the course, but we will create the best conditions for this to be possible. Each participant will experience a wide range of proven methods, including target technique, internal movement, visualization, chakra activation and body energy. The Hemi-Sync frequencies used will be those specially tuned by Robert Monroe and his Institute. The seminar does not limit this but provides experiences and exercises for working on one’s goals, development and exploration of human consciousness by accessing deep levels of one’s self.

After familiarizing yourself with Focus 10’s “mind awake and body asleep” state, you will explore Focus 12’s “expanded awareness” state, where according to Robert Monroe it is easier to access OBE experiences. Here, far beyond the limits of the five physical senses, you can connect with the source of your intuition and creativity toward deeper and deeper self-discovery.