Lifeline is an experiential programme that continues the journey begun with the Gateway Voyage. It enables the exploration of states of existence beyond physical life. It offers the opportunity to bring integration and healing in ourselves at a very deep level, through helping and connecting with those who have left the physical plane and are now continuing their experience of re-connection with their original wholeness before the earthly experience.

Explore your beliefs, expand your concept of life and welcome a higher meaning of existence.

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Lifeline is an experiential program that provides access to states of consciousness subsequent to those of the Gateway Voyage. Its main mission is to be of support and help to both those living in physical reality and those who have already made the transition into the non-physical reality, so they can benefit from your assistance.

Think of the Project Lifeline as something unique. It requires a detached and objective approach to the mind-consciousness dimension of existence which is beyond time and space, to have you make a big leap into the beyond. Lifeline is an exploration into areas unknown and never contemplated by the human mind. It gives us a chance to explore non-physical dimensions and realities, to understand what happens after leaving the physical body and to interact with those who are there. We can learn a lot about ourselves and, at the same time, being of service to those who are there and in need.

Lifeline takes no position with respect to religions and their belief systems. It stems from the assumption that life is a continuum that goes on beyond physical death, which is looked at as a “natural” passage, respectful of each person’s beliefs.

Verifiable data and information ascertainable through traditional methods of verification is collected throughout the course of the programme. Lifeline creates a profound impact on the participant, who often grasp the opportunity to reconsider their belief systems and certainties. Being of service to those in need is rewarded by a great inner growth, a better understanding of one’s values and goals. It enables us to bring great awareness and consideration to the experiences we live here on earth.