Advanced Excursion Workshop: Personal, Healing, Inner Development


The Advanced Excursion Workshop is an advanced programme that includes three workshops of 2 days each: Personal Development, Healing Skills Development, Inner Evolution.

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The Advanced Excursion Workshop (EWA) is an advanced program consisting of modules of 2 days each:

  • Personal Development
  • Healing Development (Development of Healing Skills)
  • Inner Development

This programme offers the opportunity to explore different states of consciousness to understand one’s self even better and cultivate personal transformation. It delves into the practice of exploration through Focus 10, Focus 11 and Focus 12, allowing you to continue and strengthen your own path of growth and evolution in a powerful and practical way.

We will use a series of exercises in Focus 11, called “Human Plus”, representing one of Robert Monroe’s latest discoveries. This state of consciousness, also called the Access Channel, allows us to re-programme our subconscious mind and more easily overcome many of the difficulties we encounter in everyday life through the use of specific cues (commands). In this way we can access higher abilities and talents at any time, bringing about concrete and lasting changes in one’s personal, professional and inner life.