Conscious Presence


Conscious Presence

Conscious Presence is a highly experiential journey intending to create conditions for experiencing everyday life from a new perspective. It stems from the principle that everything is within us, that You are One with Everything. Conscious Presence consists of unique audio guided exercises using SAM technology and Gamma frequencies.

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Conscious Presence is an experiential program, based on the latest scientific findings about consciousness and our brain’s abilities. It uses the Monroe Institute’s new SAM technology to experiment with Gamma frequencies. It allows one to enter states of consciousness that enable the direct experience of Quantum Entanglement and feelings of gratitude for the beauty of the Here and Now. It is a path of exploring inner dimensions where unified answers can be found. An intentional path of awakening through which we turn on our “lantern of awareness”, explore reality through “stream of consciousness”, and access new “non-local” perceptions, reconciling the illusory separation between us and our surroundings.

The course aims to create conditions for living everyday life from a new perspective, starting from the principle that Everything is within us, and that You are One Everything.

The experiences will enable you to:

  • Living through your heart essence, in gratitude and appreciation of the here and now (state of bliss) instead of “chasing happiness”
  • Experiencing different dimensions and perspectives of consciousness – in space/time (local 1) and beyond space/time (local 2 – quantum entanglement)
  • Exploring events from a different perspective through changing the “refresh rate” of consciousness: speeding it up (each detail is experienced in slow motion) or slowing it down (so you can see and understand the bigger picture)
  • Experiencing awareness of the present moment through the Gamma frequencies produced by our brain
  • Embracing the in-the-body experience by finding answers within the Self and not outside the Self