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Discovery is a research programme on states of consciousness with EEG monitoring of brain waves and scientific validation through Mind Mirror™ technology. During the course you will experience Gamma frequencies and perform out-of-body exercises, remote viewing and lucid dreaming using the Monroe Institute audio technology. The experiences will be measured, tracked and analysed individually with dedicated experts.

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Discovery is the Monroe Institute’s most advanced experiential research programme. We use real-time EEG monitoring during the OBE (out-of-body experience), remote viewing and lucid dreaming exercises offered during the course. With Monroe’s audio technology, SAM and Hemi-Sync®, you can enter expanded states of consciousness while the Mind Mirror™ system measures, verifies and records brainwave changes. This programme is the only long-term, large-scale PSI study with EEG monitoring conducted in the world.

Discovery offers you the exclusive opportunity to really see how your brain waves are working during your experiences! You will have the opportunity to learn about your mind-body correlations and see physiological measurements gathered during the course experiences.

Can the mind operate independently of the brain? The Mind Mirror technology offers both integrated EEG and physiological measurements. Judith Pennington, medical director in charge for the Awakened Mind Institute, will monitor, measure and collect data on each participant’s brainwave activity. Bob Holbrook, director of technology innovation at the Monroe Institute, will provide audio tracks specially tuned for this programme.

Consciousness connects us all. Verifying this through personal exploration can produce great wisdom and understanding of human experience. The data collected in this research programme helps understand and verify expanded states of consciousness in a new way.

The results of these analyses will be explained individually to each participant by a qualified expert (aka monitor). This allows you to relate the content of your experience to the activity of your brain, and to further validate what you experience beyond doubt. In addition, at the end of the programme, you will get a summary document with the data collected during your experiences and the detailed analysis.

For more information, read the summary report of participants in recent editions