OBE Exploration Day


OBE Exploration Day is an experiential seminar developed from “The Gateway Experience” programme, and is an important step for personal development and improvement. The seminar focuses on the preparation, mental approach and methods needed to access out-of-body experiences and astral travel.

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The out-of-body experiences (OBE) and astral travel have accompanied Man since the origins. Shamans, religionists, mystics, scientists. Through this experience, people of all races, cultures and religions have sought new answers and meanings to their existence. Today, the new science affirms that we are multidimensional beings, connecting with other planes of reality. Research tells us that every night as we sleep we leave our bodies to visit these other realities, although we forget about them in the morning. Robert Monroe’s direct experience and studies, for over 40 years, have resulted in the production of Hemi-Sync technology, alongside proven systems to activate and explore this capability, safely and consciously. The purpose is to get personal answers to our biggest questions, discover and enjoy the fact that we are more than our physical bodies.

This experiential seminar, developed by “The Gateway Experience” programme, focuses on honing the preparation process, the mental approach and methods needed to access the out-of-body experiences (astral travel). During the course we will delve deep, presenting in detail the procedures and techniques for controlling these experiences. We cannot guarantee that every participant will have the experience of exiting the body during the course, however, we will create the best conditions for this to happen. Each participant will experience a wide range of proven methods, including the target technique, internal movement, visualisation, chakra and energy body activation. We will use Hemi-Sync frequencies specially tuned by Robert Monroe and his Institute for this. The seminar also provides experiences and exercises for working on one’s goals, development and exploration of human consciousness by accessing deep levels of one’s self.