Lucid Dreaming Intensive


Lucid Dreaming Intensive uses special audio-guided exercises with Monroe Institute technology, and powerful mindfulness techniques to guide the participant into states of consciousness from which he or she can consciously interact with the dream state. It is a fundamental course in exploring human potential.

Learn how to dream consciously and live a life of awakening!

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Lucid Dreaming Intensive is an intense and deep exploration of waking states and conscious dreaming. A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. Having lucid dreams (being an oneironaut) is a skill that can be learned; the ability to dream consciously is as much a skill as it is a talent.

At different levels we are familiar with the dream state. We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping and one-sixth dreaming. We dream several times per night, but few make constructive use of it. The dream world offers a rich tapestry of experiences, knowledge, creativity and opportunities for personal growth. Within it, we encounter situations where we are able to challenge our fears, beliefs and limiting beliefs.

During this programme, you will learn a variety of techniques and experience different scenarios designed to maximise your learning and potential as a conscious dreamer. In addition to becoming lucid in the dream state, you will also learn tools for  controlling the dream environment at will. We will use mindfulness and focused attention as the basis for our lucid dream training. By increasing our “self-aware” consciousness in our current state of consciousness, we can begin to shift this “self-awareness” into other states of consciousness (dream and sleep). In addition to classical meditation tools, we will use Hemi-Sync® and SAM™ audio-guided technologies. These audio technologies will provide, in a simple and non-invasive way, a relaxing and meditative environment to facilitate access to states of consciousness where lucid dreaming techniques and practice can be harnessed.

Through dreaming we can find deep understandings and creative solutions to everyday problems. We can also learn to heal ourselves of emotional and physical disorders, learn to love, find compassion and kindness for ourselves and others. We can also have fun (!) while performing physically impossible actions such as flying, underwater breathing or venturing into deep space.