Beyond the Threshold – NDEs


Beyond the Threshold – NDE is a programme that explores the special states of consciousness associated with near-death experiences (NDEs ).

The seminar provides an overview and detail of the entire out-of-body process and its individual steps.

The goal is to bring the positive effects of an NDE into the here and now to experience them in your life.


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Beyond the Threshold – NDE is an experiential seminar that guides the participant into exploring scenarios similar to those experienced during a near-death experience (NDE).

The proposed exercises are based on the analysis of more than 6,000 case studies of actual near-death experiences.

During the experiences it will be possible to:

  • Meet beings of light, angelic figures, friends and relatives who have already made the transition to a purely incorporeal state.
  • Activate healing and regeneration processes through contact with various types of Light.
  • Look back at one’s life and observe events from a non-physical point of view.
  • Understand what is really important to us in this earthly experience in order to live it to the fullest and most satisfying extent.

The Hemi-Sync® technology, supplemented by verbal guides and the expert conduct of the trainer, facilitates access to these experiences, creating the conditions for visiting, in total control and safety, the states of existence related to the stage of physical death.

These experiences provide an opportunity for the participant to process and overcome the common fear of physical death. The Beyond the Threshold exercises are designed to describe and understand the process through which we go as we approach the moment of transition.

Meeting the Guides, exploring the Tunnel, connecting with the Source and reconnecting with those who have gone before us through this passage are but some of the scenarios proposed during the seminar.

From an energetic point of view, experiencing three different types of Light (bright, black and white) and visiting structures that vibrate at a higher frequency than the material reality, allow the activation of attunement and healing processes.

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