Birthline is an experiential programme that guides the participant in the discovery and understanding of their own life projects through direct exploration of their own prenatal experience, up to their birth.

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Birthline is a seminar open to everyone, and particularly to those who are willing to connect with themselves at multiple levels of awareness to probe themes that are very significant to the embodied soul. Themes that, when explored, bring about a new view on life.

Upon deciding to be born one brings into the earthly experience a number of spiritual projects with ample breadth, parts of which we can try to recall. We will take you on a journey to probe this greatness of which we are part; the moment of conception and the first few months of intra-uterine life will be used as an entry point to dig out some potentially forgotten choices. To do so, we will dive in the spiritual and family realms, all the way to the momento of your birth.

We already know the importance that prenatal life has, from a psychological point of view, in structuring one’s personality. So much so that in recent years this has been increasingly taken into consideration. Conception, the months of gestation, and childbirth affect physical, emotional and energetic levels in anyone’s life.

As Fr. Fedor Freyberg – physician, philosopher and prenatal scholar – said:
“The encounter with the intra-uterine child is the beginning of human life’s journey toward self-actualisation. With respect to this life impulse, the key task for all is to extend the standard definition of the life cycle to the prenatal experience, since it is an inseparable part of it; it is what shapes us and determines who we are and what we will become”.

To do this, Birthline combines and integrates various tools and techniques so that you can work with a broader view. The Monroe Institute has been perfectioning the Hemy-Sync® audio technology for more than 50 years to facilitate people to safely reach specific states of awareness. During the seminar, this headset technology will always be used as a support for guided visualisations and work.

During the two days there will be specific meditations and exercises to get back in touch with some of the energetic information prior to our conception, to probe the arrival in our family, the choice of parents, of name… up to the actual birth. All combined with the fundamentals of psycho-genealogy to increase awareness of one’s belonging and place in the here and now.